Ken Conroy in his studio 2008Welcome to my website.

I put this site together to let people not only see what I am up to these days but also to get a bit of a historical perspective of some of my past projects and experiences.

Using a multi layered approach I have created solutions to technological visual communications challenges utilizing my knowledge of hardware, software, and media creation. In order to achieve this I have a significant personal arsenal (see listing) of software and hardware that I have acquired over the years.

If you have any questions or need some assistance don't hesitate to contact me. You may find the Time-line to be an interesting look into the past. You can download my résumé here.

I will be setting up some different classes on gun safety and shooting soon. These will include:

  • NRA basic pistol curriculum.
  • Advanced shooting. (Not associated with the NRA)
  • Illinois CCW classes. (Not associated with the NRA)

I expect to be up and running with these classes by August 2014, with the CCW classes after that.

This Site makes extensive use of Flash, HTML5, & Java-script.

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